Advice 1: How to change the direction of rotation of the asynchronous motor

Asynchronous motor can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. It all depends on the direction of rotation of the magnetic field around the stator. There are various ways of its modification.
How to change the direction of rotation of the asynchronous motor
Regardless of how the induction motor is connected to a network, disconnect power from the device in which it is installed. In the presence of high-voltage capacitors discharge them before touching any part of the product.
Make sure that the direction of rotation does not entail the failure or accelerated wear of the device which includes the motor.
In any case don't change the connection method of the engine (the triangle on the star or Vice versa), since the voltage supply does not change, moreover, the direction of rotation is not dependent on them.
If the engine is powered directly by three-phase, swap any two of the three coming toward him phase wires.
If a three-phase motor is powered by a single-phase network through a condenser, first make sure that the load on the shaft is small, and that when the direction of rotation it will not increase. Remember that increasing pressure in this way of eating can cause the engine to stop and then fire. Then the output capacitor, which is connected with the engine, and with one of the supply wires, unplug and switch to another power lead. If there is a second, filter capacitor, with him do the same (keeping them connected in series with the start button).
In the case that the engine is fed via a three phase inverter, no switching is not performed. Learn from the instruction to the device, how to carry out the reverse (permutation, jumper, click, change settings through the menu or a special key combination, etc.), and then carry out the procedures.
Start the engine and verify that the direction of rotation has changed, and the device in which it is included, works normally.

Advice 2: How to connect induction motor

In our time, asynchronous units are used mainly in motor mode. The device, having a capacity of more than 0.5 kW are usually made of a three-phase, less power – single phase. During its long existence, asynchronous motors have wide application in various industries and agriculture. They are used in the actuator lifting-transport machines, machine tools, conveyors, fans and pumps. Less powerful motors used in automation.
How to connect induction motor
You will need
  • - ohmmeter
Take three-phase asynchronous motor. Remove the terminal box. To do this, Unscrew with a screwdriver the two screws that secure it to the housing. The ends of the motor windings is usually displayed on a 3 or 6 terminal block. In the first case, this means that the phase stator windings connected in a "triangle" or "star". In the second - are not connected among themselves. In this case, the foreground of their proper connection. The inclusion of a "star" brings together the eponymous leads of the windings (end or beginning) to the zero point. When you connect the "triangle" should be connected to the end of the first winding when the second, then the second - with the beginning of the third, and then the end of third - beginning of the first.
Take an ohmmeter. Its use in the case where the terminals of the windings of induction motor are not labeled. Determine the device for three winding, label them conditional I, II and III. Link any two of them consistently to find the beginning and end of each of the windings. Give to them an alternating voltage of 6 - 36 V. the two ends of the third winding, connect the AC voltmeter. The emergence of AC voltage suggests that the windings I and II were connected according to, if not, then counter. In this case reverse the findings of one of the windings. Then mark the start and end of the windings I and II. To determine the beginning and the end of the third coil, swap the ends of the windings, for example, II and III, and by the above procedure, repeat the measurement.
Connect to three-phase asynchronous motor, which is included in the single-phase network, the phase-shifting capacitor. To determine the required capacitance (in µf) by the formula C = k*F/U, where U - voltage single-phase network, k - coefficient, which depends on the winding connection, F - nominal phase current of the electric motor, A. Note that when the windings of asynchronous motor are connected by a "triangle", k = 4800, the star - k = 2800. Apply paper capacitors MBGC, K42-19, which must be rated for a voltage less than the voltage supply. Remember that even when properly calculated capacitor induction motorthe motor will develop power does not exceed 50-60 % of the nominal value.
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