You will need
  • - Internet;
  • keyboard.
The security key is created using the setup wizard the router. There are three main types of encryption: Wi-Fi (WPA and WPA2), Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), and 802.1 x. So it is sometimes necessary search security key. It is very simple. To find the security key on the quick access toolbar, start menu "start" and select from the available list to "control Panel".
After performing these actions will open a window where you can change various settings of your computer. Select the category "Network and Internet". Next, click with the left mouse button on the function "control Center network and sharing".
A window should open with the basic network information and setup connections. You want to select "Manage wireless networks". As a result, the monitor screen displays a list of all available wireless networks.
Then right click the mouse on the name of the wireless network to which you had previously forgotten password.
Click on the "Security" tab. A window should open with different functions. You must find the item "Show characters", and put next to the check mark. After some time on the computer monitor will appear the security code.
The key can be composed of not only Latin letters but also numbers. This method is used not by chance, since such combination of characters is quite complex. This will protect the data from unauthorized access.
Can use the key in two ways. It is necessary to copy in a special field to insert or yourself to type on the keyboard. The first option is more efficient because it removes the possibility of typos. In the result, it is possible to change the previously forgotten password.