You will need
  • - Photoshop
Upload the files with a photo and with a new background in Photoshop with the Open command ("Open") from the File menu ("File"). In the Explorer window, highlight both files while holding the Ctrl key and click on the "Open"button.
Insert the photo, the background of which you want to replace the top layer in the file with the new background. To do this, select the whole image on photos with Ctrl+A. to Copy the selected picture to the clipboard with Ctrl+C, click the mouse on the window with a background image and on top of it paste the copied image by using the shortcut keys Ctrl+V.
Create a mask on the layer with the image. To do this, highlight the portion of the image that easier to select. If you have a solid colour or, on the contrary, a solid object on a multicolored background, use to highlight the Magic Wand tool (Magic wand). Click this tool allocated object or background.
If the object that you are going to move on a different background, is not very complex contours, use the Polygonal Lasso Tool (Polygon lasso).
Invert the selection using the Inverse command ("Invert") menu Select (Highlight) if you have selected the background.
Create a layer mask click the Add a layer mask (Add layer mask"). This useful button can be detected at the bottom of the layers palette. As a result of recent actions of the original background image should become transparent. If, on the contrary, disappeared from the foreground object and not the background, cancel the last action with Ctrl+Z, invert the selection and then add a layer mask.
Adjust the layer mask if necessary. Select the Brush tool (Brush) and click on the mask rectangle in the layer palette. If, along with the background disappeared part of the foreground object, paint with white color on the mask those parts of the image, which again should be opaque.
If, on the contrary, on top of a new background you still see the pieces of the old black paint the mask in the places where there are the remains of the old background. They will become transparent.
If necessary, adjust the colors and brightness of the image to the color of the new background. To open the settings window, use the command Curves (Curves) from the group of Adjustment ("setup") menu Image ("Image").
Save the file with Save As command (Save as) from the File menu ("File").