Advice 1: How to build an oven

If you're a foodie and like to eat, the brass wardrobe is all you need. It is possible to bake potatoes, meat, fish and, of course, duck with apples. Oven with skillful use can turn the simplest foods into a delicacy. But what if you only know how to cook, but do not install the oven?
How to build an oven
You can build an oven in the kitchen wall, which has under its special mounting stand. Can do to make a closet a dresser. First, design it. Find out beforehand the size of the oven you want to install.
Measure the dimensions of embedded hardware or read the instructions to him. In these manuals usually shows all the options of the product. The oven should be allowed to enter the Cabinet. Based on this, and design it.
Typically, the height of ovens ranges from 55 to 60 centimeters, but you can find more compact models height 40-45 cm Double ovens have a height of about 90 cm supplemented hob. Built-in oven release for two types of counters, width of 60 cm and 90 cm Depth in most models is 50-55 cm
Install the oven so that after him was a blank wall. Should not be of sockets and pipes. They might interfere with the equipment to get the depth .
If you do make the Cabinet under the oven, the countertop is mounted on the box overlapping the front by 40mm and rear – 100 mm. Use these parameters, provided that it is a standard, of a width of 600 mm.
Do the overall trunking width 600 mm. the Height of the box under he oven do the same size, and the depth should be 460 mm.
If the project is freestanding strap, attach it in the middle]. Push it down relative to the top face of the side panel, one centimeter. Only then you will be able to mount the hob in the worktop.
If you use the tabletop thickness 28 mm, most cooking surfaces do not fit into these dimensions. Lower the bar Cabinet, and a stove will normally fall into place.
During the installation, provide protection against contact with live components of the oven are energized.
If the oven is not connected to the mains using a plug, install the supply side of the supply disconnecting device which interrupts all poles.

Advice 2: How to choose a oven built

Every good housewife would agree that no oven in the kitchen is impossible. Others, even the most modern, devices with innumerable features will not be able to replace it in the preparation of many delicious dishes. And therefore the question of how to choose recessed brass wardrobe, always relevant.
How to choose a oven built
First and foremost, decide a brass wardrobe what type of heating you want most of all – gas or electric. Most electric ovens have more features and modes and are more convenient to operate than gas, because they are the most popular in recent times. However, remember that electric built-in oven consume large amounts of electricity and require wiring.
If your choice fell on a gas oven, be sure to ask immediately and a good hood.
Having defined the type of oven and find a place for it in the kitchen so that the cooking process would not need her to bend, stretch, Crouch, etc. standard Width oven is 60 cm
Before choosing recessed brass Cabinet consider what additional capabilities you need in the process of using the oven, and without which you could do. Remember that a lot depends on the price of home appliances. Of the most common additions to the ovens emit timer (which beeps or automatically shuts down the oven, cold door, pull out trolley, grill, core temperature probe for meat (with the help of this device you can check the temperature of the food during the cooking process), a filter to absorb grease and odors, convection, etc.
Find out what types of cleaning are used in any oven – catalytic or pyrolytic. For catalytic cleaning the oven inside are covered with a special enamel, which breaks down the fat in contact with it. This oven after use simply wipe with a dry cloth. However, the enamel eventually loses its properties, and to wash the oven will have the usual way. The pyrolytic cleaning the oven is self-cleaning using heat treatment. These ovens are more expensive and consume more energy.
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