Before to be engaged in connecting the oven and hob please read the main technical characteristics and structural features.
There are two types of cooktops:

is associated, which is driven by means placed in the electric oven of the arms,

- not connected, which is provided with a separate power supply and self control.
Analyze the supply of food, its power should be enough to connect devices and to be Autonomous. If the network values do not match with the required, you will need an additional cable connections.
When wiring for electric oven and hob, use consumables given the fact that the oven is calculated (the average) on the consumption of 2-3kW of electricity, and the hob will consume up to 7кВт. Therefore, to ensure complete safety during the subsequent operation of the devices, route the electrical wire of at least 4mm for the hob and 1-2. 5 mm for oven.
Mandatory produce the grounding of the instrument that will guarantee a secure, stable and uninterrupted operation.
As a rule, hob, unlike an electric oven is designed for 1-2-3-phase electrical connection, due to large energopotreblyaemost panel. Therefore, carefully read the nameplate data prior to installation on both instruments, because the electric power depend on their class.
Unrelated panel and the oven plug in a different pre-installed sockets.