Thrombophlebitis is often called an inflammation of the superficial saphenous veins with the formation of the thrombus from blood cells. The disease may be characterized by pain and signs of inflammation. But keep in mind that sometimes the clots formed in the deep veins without obvious symptoms.
Inspect your feet. Most often blood clots are formed in the extremities. The main symptoms of thrombophlebitis of superficial veins is a seal in the region of the vein with redness and pain when pressed. Can increase the skin temperature of the affected area. Sometimes there is a sign of Romansa — pain in the calf muscle during dorsiflexion of the feet.
Note the uniformity of the skin of the lower extremities. Deep vein thrombosis can occur virtually painlessly, but on the leg there will be a plot with swelling and bluish skin tone. The patient may feel malaise, weakness, increase of the General temperature of the body. Phlebothrombosis of the deep veins of the lower leg often affects bedridden patients.
If you notice signs of thrombosis, immediately contact a doctor-phlebologist. The doctor can make a diagnosis by inspection or schedule a further study. Often in the examination, doctors use Doppler ultrasound scanning, which detects an obstacle in Vienna and shows the reduction of blood flow to a certain area of the body.
Complete all assigned survey. Modern methods of plethysmography and venography to more accurately determine the clot than the ultrasound. Using highly sensitive instruments the doctor will be able to see the defects of filling of vessels with blood and the slightest deviation of blood flow.
Pay special attention to the treatment. In addition to medications, your doctor may prescribe bed rest with the affected leg raised. Helps moist heat on the sore area. In special cases prescribe pain killers. When the clot begins to dissolve, the patient can go to the special elastic stockings.
Remember that the clot is prone to movement and can penetrate into the deep veins. The most dangerous complication of thrombophlebitis - deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, blood poisoning (sepsis). Pay close attention to yourself and follow all the doctor's appointments.