For very heavily soiled fur should be cleaned with a lye solution. Dyes poorly penetrate dirty or oily hair. The cleaning solution is prepared from salt - 2-3 teaspoons, ammonia – 1 teaspoon of detergent -1 teaspoon baking soda - 2 tea spoons per liter of water. Applied to the fur brush. Washed and dried in a natural way.
The skin from the inside-fur – membrane - need to pre-process fat cream or glycerin to prevent skin dryness.
Fur better to paint in a darker color than natural. Before painting in lighter-colored fur, you must bleach with hydrogen peroxide.
Paint the fur in the usual hair dye. Paint is applied quickly. Pre-fur can be moistened with water so that the paint was distributed evenly. You need to work with gloves to hand could RUB the paint and avoid the dyed places. Time keep, as it says on the box, depending on color.
After fur propulsive in warm water with vinegar. Gently soak with a towel.
Dry fur in vivo. Fur after painting to sit down. So gently stretch it not to break on any surface with fur up, secured with pins. The longest dry scrapings.