You will need
  • polystyrene
To make foam, take a lot of polystyrene balls and fill their container. (Apparently these little balls resemble beads).
To the polystyrene balls were glued together, heat them very hot steam. The heat the bulbs produce until, until they begin to swell. After the balloons are inflated, they will approach each other, coalesce and take the form of a container.
After cooling, the resulting mass of foam can be considered ready. If you have produced any shape, remove the foam from the tank (capacity in this case will have to dismantle or break). If the foam is suitable for insulation, then leave it in between the walls.
To get a real, high quality foam, you will need special equipment and a workshop. Easier and more profitable to produce urea foam.
For manufacturing prepare solution, having dissolved in water at room temperature a blowing agent and a curing catalyst. Start the installation. Pour the foaming agent solution and the resin in the tank. Feed the input of compressed air. Turn on the pumps. Open the taps with the words "solution" and "resin". Pour the resulting penomassu in a special form. Cut and dry foam obtained (this may take up to three days).