You will need
  • - wrench;
  • - water tank.
At the initial stage, disconnect the boiler from the wall outlet, use up the remaining water in it or allow it to cool.
To avoid the replenishment of the water heater, close the flow of cold water. Pull the rubber hose to the feed pipe of cold water, and the other end direct into the sewer, for example, in the toilet.
Unscrewing the safety valve, Unscrew the drain valve.
On the mixer, remove the hot water to the tank water heater is not a pressure below atmospheric, which would prevent the water leakage. First, air is sucked into the heaterand then through the valve is the water discharge, and water pours out unevenly, as if portions.
Then pour the water into the sewer through a hose. After complete draining of water blow into the hose to the cold water supply, no extraneous sounds should not be heard (e.g., bubbling). Remove from the water supply hose hot water.
After you have drained all the water from the boiler, carefully remove it from the wall.
In small-scale boilers for reasons of safety water drainage not provided. To pour the water, carefully remove the water heater with mounts and flip over the bath.