You will need
  • Telephone, a piece of thick cloth, packing film, tape, any volumetric capacity.
The first thing to do if the house caught a break pipe is to try to block the water. To do this in the bathroom or the toilet where the pipes are with hot and cold water, are the valves. This riser. You can try to shut off these valves by tightening them the reproach of the water flow. Any way to get to the basement, where the main riser. Usually, the keys to the basement are either janitors, or superintendent-a person who is responsible for the entrance. Blocking the main riser, may be deprived of water the whole staircase. So you first need to try to block the water in his apartment.
To contact the relevant utilities. You can call the control room of the housing office, the number of which are masters at home. If it happened on a weekday, the Manager first needs to go to the apartment where the accident occurred. If a breakthrough happened at the weekend, you can first call the control room of the housing office. In the case that the duty of the masters there, they must contact an emergency service and send to the apartment repairmen. Before the arrival of the wizard will contact the landlord.
Phone numbers control room of the housing Department and emergency services are usually posted on a Board on the ground floor of each entrance.
If the valves failed to stop flow of water until the emergency service going, need, possibly under the striking point of the pipe to put in any tank that the water does not flood the room. Suitable basins, cropped five-liter bottles. To collect water and sexual rags, but it will take longer time than collecting water with containers.
Until the scene get professionals, containers or rags is a collection of water, try to restore the integrity of the pipe. On the location of the leak to patch. Usually people that have no skills in this matter, will easily cope with the task. You need to take a thick cloth, tightly wrap the location of the leak. Continue to impose more and more layers of packaging film and several layers of cloth tape - water flow is significantly reduced. And if the pipe is tightly rewound, the water flow may stop.
There is another solution to the problem. You can contact an emergency service to while waiting for the specialist, masters tell you what to do to reduce the leak from a broken pipe. Fortunately, this in our time is practiced.