To open folders and launch programs with a single click of the mouse button, open any folder. On the top menu bar select "Tools" from the drop down menu select "folder options". On the "General" tab under "mouse Clicks", check the marker field "to Open an item (point to select)". Click "Apply", close the window by clicking "OK" or "X". To install double click, go through all the steps in the section "Clicks" select "to Open the dual, and to allocate one-click. Confirm your choice, close the properties window.
To configure a button under the mouse right or left hand, follow these steps. From the start menu, go to "control Panel". If the selected panel classic view, click on the "Mouse". If the icons in control panel are displayed by category, navigate to the properties window, mouse over the category "Printers and other hardware". On the tab "mouse Button" select "button Configuration". Place a marker in the "switch primary and secondary buttons" to reconfigure the mouse under the use of her left hand. When the mouse is configured to use the right-hand field blank. You can also adjust the speed of double clicks.
The kinds of pointers can be configured from the same window, by clicking on the tab "Pointers". From the drop down menu "Scheme" select how should look cursor. In the Central part of the window you can see how it will look new cursor when performing certain operations. C of the tab "pointer Options" you can adjust the speed of movement of the pointer on the monitor screen. Adjust the slider under "Movement". Set the number of rows by which to move the document while scrolling the mouse wheel, the tab "Wheel". To increase or decrease the number of rows, enter the number from the keypad or use the arrows "up" and "down" at the right edge of the field. To confirm, click "Apply" and close the properties window.