To start customizing the mouse settings, open the "control Panel". Select the view "All control panel items", if you have a order by the groups. Now in the list find "Mouse". Open the paragraph.
On the tab "pointer Options" you can adjust the speed of movement of the mouse pointer for many that is what is most important. To adjust this property, move the slider to the value that you think is comfortable. It is recommended to install a high speed, if you have a high screen resolution, and less if low. Optimal is the rate at which the mouse pointer can be moved freely from one corner of the monitor to another with a single motion. Otherwise the wrist can strongly be tired, especially if you work at a computer.
If you have already set the maximum speed, but it seems to you not enough, then uncheck the checkbox "Enable high precision of the installation pointer". This option will make the mouse pointer moves even faster, although in some cases bring it on, the object will become more difficult. This option is not recommended to disable those who are fond of computer games, as many of them pointing accuracy is extremely important.
If you switch to the tab "mouse Button", you can configure such parameter as speed of a double-click. It also needs to move the slider. To check how the setup fits you, click on the picture folder, which is located to the right of the slider.
The mouse scroll speed is configured in the tab "Wheel". This is useful when you view or read the web documents and text files. If you think that the page scrolls too slow, increase the number of rows, which is rewound for one division movement of the wheel. You can adjust the speed of both vertical and horizontal scrolling, if it allows your mouse.