Advice 1: How to replace the mouse with keyboard

Various actions with the mouse are used to control the computer not less often than pressing keyboard buttons. However, sometimes a situation arises where the use of a mouse difficult or impossible. For such cases, Windows provides a function of replacing the cursor by pressing the corresponding keys on the keyboard.
How to replace the mouse with keyboard
The inclusion of non-standard ways to control a computer in a Windows operating system in a separate applet "control Panel". In order for him to go, click on the "start" button and menu item which is called - "control Panel". Then click on the section title "Special opportunities", and on the next page, click "Change mouse settings" under "ease of access Center".
This applet can be run differently. For example, a link placed in the main menu - open it, navigate to "All programs," then to the folder "accessories" and, finally, in the catalog of "accessibility". And you can use the search box in the main menu - press the Windows key, start typing "SPE" and press Enter.
In the applet "ease of access Center", click the check box next to "Enable mouse keyboard" and click OK or Apply. Then move the mouse pointer with the arrow keys additional (digital) keyboard. The numbers 1 through 9 (excluding 5) control the movement of the pointer in horizontal, vertical and diagonals. Number key 5 is equivalent to pressing the right mouse button, and usually causing the screen to open the context menu of the application.
The speed of the cursor by using keys and other parameters can be changed in the settings. To do this in the applet there is a separate section that is called by clicking on the link "configuration control index".
Windows provides "hot keys" for rapid on and off control mode of the mouse pointer with the keyboard. By default, this will use a combination of left Alt and Shift in combination with the NumLock key. Pressing them brings up a dialog box, prompting you to confirm the mode. Pressing the same combination disables it without any confirmation dialog, but with a sound signal.

Advice 2 : Which wireless mouse is better

Technology is evolving faster and faster from year to year. Many people do not want to use a wired mouse and keyboard because of the limitations of their application. Wireless accessories provide maximum degree of freedom and convenience to its owner.

The types of wireless mice

One of the first features that need to pay attention to is the compatibility of the accessory with the operating system. If your wireless mouse is made by a specific company, it can only work with specific types of computers. For example, the mouse supplied with the Mac probably will not work with the PC and Vice versa. Make sure that the accessory that you chose to buy is compatible with your computer.

In addition, you need to check the signal radius of the mouse, which fell your choice. If you plan to be away from the computer when using it, you should make sure that the signal is strong enough to spread that far.

You can also ask on the basis of a technology developed by a particular product. There are several types of technologies that use these mice. The two most popular are USB and Bluetooth. The main drawback of Bluetooth is that the computer must have a Bluetooth transmitter. Desktop PCs that were released more than two years ago, as a rule, do not have such systems.

The most popular type of wireless technology is a USB mouse. They are very easy to use. You just need to plug them in and start using. There are several different types of USB mice, and you need to choose the one that will be best for your computer. Optical and laser technology are the most popular, because they are sensitive to movement of the mouse and work with many surface types.

The downside of wireless mice

There are a few disadvantages possessed by almost every wireless mouse. One of them is that you should always carry a spare set of batteries. It is sometimes difficult to predict when they will be exhausted completely. So you must always be ready to replace them. The first sign of low battery is that the controller does not react well to your movements.

Another disadvantage of wireless technology is that children can easily lose the mouse. If you have children who tend to hide things, you will need to find a place for the mouse so that younger members of the family could not reach out to her. This will reduce the risk of its disappearance.

The main problem with wireless mice is their price. It can be several times higher than similar models with wire. This fact is crucial when buying and choosing a mouse for your computer.


Overall, the wireless mouse is very convenient equipment. You don't need to worry about the integrity of the wires. Most of them have become so sophisticated that the owners don't have to have a mouse pad.

Advice 3 : In Word 2010 find and replace word

Microsoft Word 2010 is a powerful full-fledged text editor Windows operating system and allows for formatting, editing, reading and printing text files of any size.
In Word 2010 find and replace word
Open the file in which you want to find and replace one or more words. To do this, open the folder containing the text document format ".doc" or ".docx" and click the file twice with the left mouse button. This will start the Microsoft Word 2010 view and edit the selected file.
Install the mouse cursor in the beginning of the text and click the left mouse button once or press and hold the button "Page Up" on keyboard. Thus, the text cursor moves to the beginning of the first line of text.
Open the Home tab in the top menu. It shows the basic settings of text formatting, styling, editing, and navigation.
In order to find a specific piece of text, press the "Find" button located on the right side of the toolbar. You can also press "Ctrl + F" on your keyboard. In the left part of the window pane will open "Navigation".
To find any fragment of text, enter it in the search bar and press the "Find" button to the right of the text input or the button "Enter" on the keyboard. The found matches are shown in a list in the navigation pane, and highlighted in yellow shading in main document text.
To replace one or more words, press the "change" button located on the right toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + H" on the keyboard.
Opens "Find and replace", where you can search, replace text, and navigate to specific pages, sections, bookmarks, etc.
Click on "Replace" and enter the text to be replaced into the string "Find". In the "Replace by" enter the replacement text.
To replace all matching text, click "Replace all", and to selectively replace click "Replace" and "Find next".
Useful advice
If in the toolbar of Microsoft Word 2010 the missing button "Find" and "Replace", right-click the mouse once anywhere in the toolbar and select "customize the ribbon". In the window that opens, expand the "Selected command" and click the "Main tabs". Double-click the left mouse button on "Main" and then on "Edit". Select the missing line ("Find and select" or "Replace") and click the "Add" button. After that, the missing buttons will appear to the right of the toolbar.

Advice 4 : How to replace the system unit

System unit is a case, inside of which are the power supply and system (motherboard) Board-connectable controllers for external devices. In the case of the system unit are also installed: hard disk (HDD) device data read and write: DVD, CD and others. That is, system unit of computer this is the computer itself.
Connectors for keyboard and mouse may have a corresponding notation.

Materials and tools

To replace the system unit, you will need:
- new system unit;
- screwdriver;
- package reference documentation for all devices in the system unit;
media software all existing devices.


Replace the system unit is a replacement computer. During this operation you will have to solve two main tasks, namely: to provide hardware and functional combination of devices. The first step in this direction, you will have to make at the stage of acquiring a new system unit. Buying the system unit, be sure to demand the documentation on it. Check the documentation to see whether the architecture you intend to purchase a computer for those tasks that you are going to solve with its help. The importance of speed and type of CPU, amount of memory (RAM), hard disk space, settings of the graphics card. Note the connectors of the graphics card. Depending on the type of your current monitor, you'll need a video card that has VGA (analog) or DVI (digital) video outputs. Their connectors are different. In addition, if you plan to bring the video signal to the TV, you may need connectors S-Video or perhaps HDMI. If you are interested in the multimedia of your computer, you should see what sound card you have installed. Its parameters and number of channels must also be specified in the documentation. To connect the keyboard and mouse on the back of the system unit is sometimes placed connectors PS/2. If not, then you will have to use USB connectors. The latter is not always desirable, as it leads to a decrease in the number of available USB ports required for connection to mobile devices. USB ports are available on any modern machine, but their number varies. Make sure that your goals will be enough. It is desirable that the architecture of the computer included network adapter with LAN-connector this will allow you to connect your computer to a local network or the Internet. The presence of the FireWire you will need in the event if warranted by existing peripheral device. The same applies to SCSI devices.

Connection and setup

If the hardware configuration of the new system Boca you are satisfied, you can proceed to install it. First, collect a minimum configuration: system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse. If your computer have ports PS/2, next to them, already bear the symbols of the mouse and keyboard. Socket on the sound card are color-coded. Other connectors to confuse almost impossible. When you connect the monitor cable can sometimes require a screwdriver, all the other connections are made without tools. The old system sometimes blocks located three-pole socket for power supply of the monitor. If the new building it is not, get to monitor the network cable and use it. In that case, when you have preset the desired operating system, you can immediately proceed to installing device drivers of external devices and necessary software. In other cases, you will need to install or reinstall the operating system. Additional software necessary for all devices of the new system unit, you must provide his supplier.
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