Because puppies pee and Poo in about 10-15 minutes after eating, you just need to watch your Pets. If accustomed to the tray after this time drop the baby on the tray. If you want your dog defecated outside the house, take the puppy outside. When he pee or poop, be sure to praise. After a while the animal will get used and will go in the tray or ask on the street.
How to teach <strong>puppy</strong> to go to the toilet
You can first keep the little puppy in the confined space of the apartment. Then he realizes that it is his house, and the house dogs try not to spoil. The puppy in the same way as in the first case, it is necessary after eating and sleeping out in the street (put in tray) and praise when he's in there doing her business. This method is good because the kid will quickly realize: street (tray) – the only "not home" and there to spoil.
How to teach <strong>puppy</strong> to go to the toilet
If a puppy shits on certain places, note them and put newspaper or cloth. First, it is easier to clean. Second, when the puppy gets used that to go to the toilet on newspaper or rags, these Newspapers or rags can be put in the tray. Better not to put at once, but gradually moving in the direction of the tray or the front door. If you are seeking the administration of needs outside the apartment, then you can bring the newspaper on the street. Let the puppy into the corridor, and when he starts to look for a newspaper, bring it outside.
How to teach <strong>puppy</strong> to go to the toilet