IP is a virtual address assigned to the user's computer. Thanks to him, the computer can receive and send data, as a full member of the network.

Cookies, or cookies — is a service user information that web sites collect via Internet browser. When you visit a frequently visited site without a password, and it automatically recognizes you is work cookies.

Why delete cookies and change ip

Some sites are available only to residents of a particular region. For example, the us site may not allow residents of Europe or Russia.

The geographical location of a user is determined by its ip address. Change ip on American will help to solve the problem of access.

A particular site may block an individual user by ip address. If he wants to continue to use this site — you need to change the ip.

Most sites prohibit multi-accounting. In other words, one person cannot register more than one account. Tracked it through the ip and the cookies. The problem is solved by cleaning the cookies and change ip.

Some people don't like when sites collect data on them. Data is collected using cookies and may be transferred to third-party sites. Most often it is the advertising system.

The attackers, intercepting cookies, you can use them to gain access to his accounts on different sites. Can help regular cleaning of cookies or a prohibition on their transfer.

How to delete cookies

Cleaning cookies is not very difficult. Manage cookies is done in the browser. Every browser stores cookies on its own, independently of the others.

For cleaning you need to go to settings and find the menu item allows to set privacy and security. In addition to removal, there you can set the desired mode of the reception of cookies. For example, it is possible to completely prohibit reception or automatically clear when the browser is closed.

To completely disable accepting cookies should be wary. Some sites might not work correctly.

If you do not want to clear cookies in each browser manually, you can use the free program CCleaner. It is necessary to note the types of files you want to delete and click the corresponding button. Everything else she will do yourself.

How to change the ip

There are several ways to change ip. Each of them can solve some problems.

The easiest way to change the ip address to the holders of dynamic ip addresses. To change usually you restart your computer or router. This method is suitable if you are banned by ip.

If you need to change your region, restart is not enough. In this case, with the help of the proxy server. This mediation server. First, you connect to it with ip address, surf the web.

Types of proxy servers a lot. Choosing the right variety depends on the specific task. It is worth remembering that not all proxies mask your real ip address.

Selecting a proxy server, in the browser to activate the connection through the proxy. You'll get the proxy settings. In the appropriate fields enter the ip address and port of the proxy server.

A proxy server has many flaws. Their life time is short. Not all programs can work correctly with them. In addition, good proxies cost money.

There are more reliable and convenient way is to use VPN. This encrypted channel, the virtual tunnel for data transmission. With it, you can select the ip of the desired country and region.

VPN services are the special services. They also provide the user with the necessary software. The only downside VPN this service is paid.

Another way — anonymous TOR network and its browser. But many sites block TOR users, and the assignment of ip addresses is unpredictable, which again can lead to blockages. Main advantages — ease of use, free and with a high level of anonymity.