You will need
  • a laptop or stationary PC.
First, determine which one of your laptops to perform the functions of the proxy server. Recommend to choose for this purpose the most powerful mobile computer. Note also that it needs to be constantly enabled for Internet access on the second laptop. Connect to the network card of the selected mobile computer network cable provider.
Configure the connection to the Internet in normal mode. On leave during the connection, and create wireless LAN. In Windows Seven, this process is considerably simplified. Open the control center network and sharing by clicking on the network icon in the system tray. Go to "Manage wireless networks".
Click "Add". Specify the network type "computer-computer". Specify a name for your future wireless network, select the security type and enter a fairly complex password. Click "Next" and "finish".
Open the settings of the wireless network adapter. Select Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4 and click "Properties". Set a static IP address for that adapter equal to
Now turn on the second mobile computer. Connect to a wireless network created on the first computer. Open the properties for the adapter, as described in the previous step. Enter the following settings items menu: – IP-address; – the subnet Mask; – default gateway; – Preferred DNS server.
Now open the properties of the Internet connection first laptop. If the connection with the provider you are using VPN connection, you should see two icons: local network and Internet. Select the icon of the Internet. Click "Access". Allow me to use this connection other network users, setting near the first item check box. Specify your wireless network. Save the connection settings.