You will need
  • - computer
  • - Internet
  • program
Open "device Manager". This utility can be access through the "control Panel" of your computer (start menu), or via the shortcut properties of "My computer" — "Manage" — "device Manager". As practice shows, the modern operating system is so flexible that it can the same operation perform dozens of different ways.
Locate devices in "Network adapters". This paragraph will list all network adapters, including wireless. Find the entry for your network card — it can be identified by the word Ethernet if you don't know the exact model. However, it should be noted that the name of the network connection mainly depends on the type of modem, so carefully read all the items in this menu. If you have the time of viewing is an active connection to the Internet, then one of the connections says "Connected".
Click on recording, right-click and select "Properties". Go to the "Advanced" tab of the "Properties" window. It lists all the network card settings, and edit some options. Locate "Property" write "Network address". In the right part of the window, see the "Value" field, check the box next to it. Enter the new value of the ' network card and click "OK". Close the "device Manager".
To hide the MAC address of the network card can special software, such as SMAC, MACSpoof, Microsoft Virtual PC and other. Download any tool on the website and install to the hard drive. It is worth considering that these actions change software address of the network card, not "sewn" by the manufacturer. As a rule, such actions may harm personal computer if not used properly, so carefully follow all the menu items.