When working through a proxy server, you leave it ip address at all visited resources – provided that he has the ability to hide the IP. Choosing a proxy, you should see its characteristics and to check whether it provides hiding your real address.
To search for a suitable proxy, go to this resource: In its pages, you can not only select, but also to check the performance of the server – to do this, copy the data and paste it in the box in the tab "Check proxy server". If you have several options, use the tab "Check proxy list".
Choosing a proxy, pay attention to the speed of his response – the smaller, the better. Looking at column Anm, it shows whether the server is anonymous. Vysokoyarusnye proxies marked in the list as HIA. To work with a browser you will need a HTTP proxy.
Now configure the browser. If you have Internet Explorer, navigate: "Tools" – "Internet options" – "Connections" and click "configure". Check the option "Use proxy server", then specify the desired data address and the port number. For example, if proxy details have a look in the address field, enter and the port 8080.
In the case if you work with Mozilla Firefox, open "Tools" – "Settings" – "Advanced" – "Network". Click "Configure" in the section "set parameters of Firefox connection with Internet". In the opened window select "Manually configure proxy", enter the address and port number, save the changes.
If you have Opera, go to: "Tools" – "Settings" – "Advanced" – "Network". Click the "Proxy servers", check the desired types of connections, usually HTTP, HTTPS, FTP. Enter in a line of these protocols is the address of the proxy server and its port. Click OK.
To check whether the proxy server anonymity, go to any network IP-checker. For example, here: Check the displayed ip address with the proxy and without it ' must be different.