The Constitution States that the country guaranteed the unity of economic space, support, competition, the free movement of goods and financial assets, as well as freedom of economic activity. Immediate threat to these provisions is fraud. Dealing with fraud of a different sort is becoming more important as the scale of the crimes are expanding and taking new forms. After the transition to market relations significantly increased the activity of people using criminal methods of enrichment and business.
Fraudulent deceit is intentional concealment or misrepresentation of truth with the purpose to mislead the person who owns any property. To bring the organization to liability for fraud, you must find out if she is legit, passed all the necessary procedures at the time of its establishment, and whether its activities in the direction outlined in the Charter. The subject of deception involves consideration of the circumstances, their assessment and the causal relationship between action and result crimes.
To attract the person for fraud it is necessary to reveal the fact of the crime, that is, to recognize and examine the symptoms to the point until there is conclusive proof of abuse. Investigators understand the causes of the symptoms. Unfortunately, many signs go unnoticed. Even if they are discovered, they often do not pay enough attention.
Very often, when fraud is difficult to prove that the signs and symptoms indicate the existence of crimes, not unintentional mistake. To open a criminal case on charges of fraud, in most cases, we need to prove the repeatability of the action, proving the Commission of a crime. Therefore, collecting all the facts and documentary evidence, it is necessary to contact the police.