You will need
  • Passport, petition to the court written evidence, testimony.
The law States that the fact of cohabitation can be installed only in court in the presence of certain kinds of evidence. So you first need to go to court with a claim. In a statement, the interested party must specify which fact should be set and for what purpose, what evidence sharing accommodation available to the plaintiff. Then you need to wait for the start of the trial.
Evidence can be recognized as witnesses, all kinds of written evidence, for example, registering at the same address, utility bill payments and other accounts, the presence of a joint Bank account, police reports, letters and the like. In addition, the court can represent different kinds of media, such as tapes or disks, the judge will familiarize with their contents and decide on the admissibility or inadmissibility of such evidence.
To prove the fact of living together, you need to be prepared for the court hearing: talk to friends and neighbors that they have agreed to appear in court as witnesses. Locate and provide the court with all possible bills jointly purchased goods, stock up on inquiries from various housing organizations, remember, if there are any other admissible evidence. Specify if there are children in the fact of their joint education.
Proof will be required only in the case if the defendant denies the fact of living together. The circumstances recognized in court by both parties, additional confirmation is not required. So in court, so try to lead the conversation to the Respondent conceded that some time lived with you and had a common household. Then the need for additional evidence will disappear by itself.