You will need
  • - address the territorial FMS;
  • - a sheet of A4 paper.
The FMS became operational on January 2006, combining the departments of the passport and visa service of harrisoniana, i.e. if you want to handle the request at the passport Desk, you must provide the FMS of territoriality (place of residence).
Request to the FMS can guide the citizen of the Russian Federation residing in the territory or outside of Russia, issued a written statement submitted personally or through a legal representative.
In the preparation of the request, observe the basic requirements of the applicant, which are governed by the order FMS of Russia from February 03, 2010 № 26. It is the correctness and accuracy of the information specified in the request, a clear structure of presentation, the completeness of the data provided.
When making a request your telephone directory or the Internet location of the territorial FMS: full address, index (in the case of sending a request via e-mail).
In the upper right corner on a piece of A4 write to whom is addressed the document. If you do not know the data of the head of the territorial migration service, simply specify "to the Chief of FMS to __ region __ district." Then don't forget to write your details and the means of communication: telephone number and home address.
Next, state the nature of the request in any form. In the end mark the date and his signature.