Before making adjustments make sure that the main nodes of the vehicle, tightness of the exhaust system, measure the compression (it should be at least 6.5 kgf/cm2) condition and high-voltage wires and candles. After carrying out these checks can be controlled LPG.
To configure electronic reducer LPG turn the switch to run on petrol and start the engine. Warm it up to normal operating temperature and set the idle speed at the level of 900-1000. After that, turn off the gas and work out the balance. If is set single-section LPG dispenser, set it to maximum mode. In the case of a two-piece dispenser, the first camera turn on the maximum mode, the second – the minimum. Screw the idle screw in until it stops, and after remove exactly 5 turns. Screw sensitivity put in the middle position.
To install the idle switch fuel gas, let the engine and using a tachometer, set the rpm at the level of 1700-2000. Then slightly remove the choke and turn the idle screw until maximum revs. This operation is repeated until then, until the choke is not out completely and the engine will be to work steadily at idle. Then slowly tighten the screw sensitivity. At the same time using the idle screw to achieve highest rpm. In the end the engine should run steadily at almost twisted the screw sensitivity at idle 1100-1200 rpm, which must be reduced to 950-1000 rpm.
Setting the sensitivity of the LPG reducer is as follows. Carefully averting her sensitivity screw until it will no longer affect the idle speed. Then immediately screw it in 1 turn. In this case, when a sudden pressing on the gas pedal the engine should show a normal throttle response.
To configure the dispenser LPG assistant needs to set the engine rpm in the 3000-3500 area, only pressing on the gas pedal and not using the choke. Rotating screw dispenser, find such position at which the engine speed to change. Then the screw will back out ¾ of a turn. When adjusting the two-piece dispenser adjusted. The second screw camera set to ¼ smaller than the screw first.
If the reducer allows you to adjust the pressure of the first stage using an external pressure gauge, set pressure 0,38-0,42 kgf/cm2 at idle of the engine. Then re-adjust idle speed and sensitivity reducer.
The last stage of the adjustment of LPG sharply press the gas pedal and tighten the sensitivity screw ¼ turn. Repeat the operation until the appearance of palpable failure of momentum. After that screw should back off a half turn.