Stop focusing on everything – from how best to answer the question of to what expression would be appropriate in this conversation. To communicate without interruption, not giving the words the person is not a good idea. But a minute and a half to think about the answer, shyly shifting from foot to foot, is not the best option. Relax and think about what impression you produce or your speech, and the subject of conversation.
Communicate, because any knowledge is received in practice. If the conversation for you – a serious test, start small. For example, the greeting of colleagues not just in one word answer, and ask about the weather, the outcome of the game or other stuff. Will gradually become easier to maintain a conversation. You will learn not only deployed to answer questions, but ask them.
Actively use gestures and facial expressions. This will help the journalist understand what your mood or how you react to what was said. Often call the participants by name when you call see in the eye, and not in the floor or wall, because the latter causes discomfort to the speaker. More smile (genuinely, not forced), and don't be afraid to make a joke even in a serious conversation. This will help to defuse the situation.
Read and learn the quotes of great people or just funny stories and anecdotes. With their help you can easily and simply to smooth over the pause in the conversation and bring a smile interlocutors. For situations where losing control (visit to the office of the chief, for example), prepare a few phrases-templates, which will be able to speak when other thoughts fly out of my head.