You will need
  • • needle, magnet and lyapisny pencil, chalk;
  • • iodine, sulphur ointment or special means "test for silver";
  • • nitric acid and potassium dichromate;
  • • a device which produces a spectral analysis.
The easiest and most obvious advice that will save from buying fakes is to buy jewelry only in specialty stores. However, this is not 100% guaranteed, so as the brand also can be faked, and some stores take to implement cheap alloys.
If you need to check the silver when you purchase it on the market, several Hiking ways:

• First out of the decoration in the hands longer. If the hands will remain white coating, you want to sell a cheap silver alloy with zinc. In addition, silver is very easily heated and your hands will quickly become warm.

• You can also check the authenticity by means of special composition, which is a test for silver and sold in stores.

• You can bring to decorate the magnet. If your hands is simply silver plated thing, then she will be attracted to it. If you hold cheap silver regular sewing needle, you can see the pink scratch. This will mean that you are trying to sell silver plated brass.

• Lyapisny pencil or iodine leave on natural silver black trail. The better the silver, the trace will be darker. However, the iodine is quite difficult to remove from silver, and lyapisny pencil in the modern pharmacy has become a rarity.

• When silver contact with Mel - Mel becomes gray. So it can also be a variant of determining the authenticity of silver.

• In addition, there are now types of metal detectors and other electronics that can accurately determine the type of the metal tested and some may even give the percentage of different metals in the alloy.
If you want, in the home, to determine the authenticity of the silver you already own, it can be done with sulfuric ointment, which is sold in the pharmacy. You need to apply this ointment on the silver thing and leave for a couple of hours. Wipe with a cloth treated with sulfuric ointment, decoration and look at the result. The color of the metal it will be possible to determine the authenticity of silver. If it went black, then you are dealing with natural silver. If there is no reaction or metal parizel, then before you fake.
In the laboratory, the authenticity of the silver determined by fire assay acid. This acid is made from one part of potassium dichromate and one part of nitric acid. Drop assay of acid deposited on silver, gives a dark trail. According to the degree of black professionals can even determine approximately the sample tested silver.
And finally, one more civilized method of determining the authenticity of the silver that belongs to you. You need to go to a jeweler or pawn shop. The specialists will certainly give you a qualified opinion on the authenticity and fineness of your silver.