Twist the silver thing in the hands of a couple of minutes. Inspect the palm. If you touched the fake or low-quality silver with a large admixture of zinc, it will remain dark marks. Present high-quality silver of dark spots on the skin leaves.
Clean thoroughly the surface of small silver and masonite this place iodine. It is advisable to do it under direct sunlight. Silver darkens from the iodine in the sun. If the product does not have been no changes, then you are a happy owner of forgery.
Make a small scratch at some inconspicuous place silver pieces. If it is fake silver, a thin silver film slide and under it you see a reddish metal. However this method could only detect a fake made of brass.
Dip a silver ring in boiling water for just a second, and then gently touch him. If the silver thing is barely warm, then it's fake. Silver heats up almost instantly.
RUB the silver plain school white chalk. If Mel did not change color, at you in hands a fake. After contact with silver chalk black.
Move the silver piece to silver. If it's just fake metal, it will stick to the magnet.
Try to bend silverware, if, for example, a spoon or a thin lid from the box. Thing silver should be easy to bend and not bounce.
Smell silver ware. Silver has a distinctive and very specific smell. Fake metal strong odor not possess. But this method is only suitable for people with a good sense of smell and those who are not abused by Smoking.
Spread the product with a conventional sulfuric ointment. You can buy in any pharmacy. Wait a couple of hours, and then remove the ointment with a tissue. If the product has changed color or has acquired a reddish tint, then before you fake. Silver after sulfuric ointment black.