You will need
  • A needle or other sharp object magnet. For chemical testing (iodine, lyapisny pencil, special chemical reagent
On jewelry of silver metal should stand trial. But even it does not guarantee quality – sample is easy to forge.
To determine the authenticity of the silver jewelry you need to hold it in my hand for a while. If your palms remain clean, then the silver quality. If dirty, then silver heavily diluted zinc, and therefore, over time, will quickly darken and deteriorate because of its brittleness. It should be noted that the quality of silver darkens with time, darkening it and cleaned with tooth powder or special jewelry cream. The darkening on the poor quality of the metal is not erased.
True silver has a high conductivity. To distinguish the silver should take it in hand. The product has to warm up quickly in the hands
Items from brass, offered under the guise of silver, easy to distinguish with a needle. As the silver film on the brass is very thin, it keeps badly and easily scratched. With a needle or other sharp object film is damaged and exposed the reddish metal (brass). Silver, this test is not scary
With a magnet to distinguish the true silver from the iron object, covered with a layer of silver. Pure silver is not magnetic.
Silver product darkens in reaction with iodine in the sun. To do this, put iodine on silver and hold it in the sun. Real silver should be covered with a film of yellowish-gray to black, depending on the sample.
The reaction of silver and spinnogo pencil quality metal slightly cloudy. Forgery in the form of copper (tin bronze, bronze, brass, cupronickel, Nickel silver, aurical, basilieva bronze) blackens quickly and rapidly, black and charcoal color.
Currently, you can buy chemical reagent: test for silver" and it is easy to distinguish real silver.