Advice 1: How to go to University in the United States

American education known to the public thanks to the valuable practical skills that get students enrolled in local colleges and universities. As a consequence, a diploma can qualify for the prestigious jobs and high earnings immediately after educational institutions. Is it possible for a Russian citizen to become a student of more than three thousand higher educational institutions of the United States? Of course, after preliminary preparation.
How to go to University in the United States
You will need
  • - list of US universities
  • - a notarized certificate
  • - medical certificate
  • - recommendations from school Director
  • - notarized list of assessments (if translating from a Russian University)
Select an educational institution that provides education in your desired specialty.
Send them a request to send the necessary study materials. Together with them you will receive a questionnaire, which is an important document for admission. Some colleges post the questionnaire on its website.
Register for the TOEFL, SAT or other, depending on the requirements of the institution.
Prepare and send documents: a copy of the notarized certificate translated into English medical certificate and recommendation from school Director or teacher.
Wait for an invitation to study. Usually colleges send out their spring, in April-may.
Contact in August with the College's representative working with foreign students. He will give detailed recommendations for further action.
In the US there is no distinction between College and University, as for example in Russia. Since both schools can get higher education. The only difference is the scale of the University. The University often combines several diversified colleges.

When choosing a University, pay attention, whether it provides financial support to its students. Otherwise you will have to pay for our education.
To go to University in the United States as a student of a Russian University. To do this, when applying you must attach a notarized and pre-translated list of assessments.
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Application form, or application form often includes a series of questions involving a detailed response. It is on the basis of the responses received, the selection Committee of the University is the representation of the applicant, about his personal qualities.
To prepare for admission to a U.S. University need to advance for 12-18 months. Documents should be sent in the period August to October. The decision on admission is taken at the end of spring and in January it is better to ensure that they were received by the College.

The request for financial support from the state in advance, as students studying at the expense of the educational institutions that enroll relatively early – in late winter. By the way, some universities give students a discount of up to 50%.

Advice 2: How to go to College in the United States

In the United States is more than 3,500 colleges and universities. There are no fundamental differences between the two concepts. In both educational institutions can receive bachelor's, master's, and doctoral. The only difference is that the universities are much larger and may consist of several colleges. For example, the famous Harvard University consists of the College of engineering, medical, business school, etc. to Go to school can any foreigner by competition.
How to go to College in the United States
You will need
  • - copy of high school diploma;
  • - recommendations from school Director and teachers;
  • - medical certificate.
In America there is a College (Junior college) and four-year. For admission in them you will need to take the TOEFL. After graduating from Junior college, you can go on a 3-year four-year College. Upon graduation you will be awarded the bachelor's degree.
In colleges there are day and evening classes. Full-time students study semesters. The first semester begins in late August and ends in December. The second lasts from January to April. Training at the evening Department is divided into trimesters. Breaks between them.
In the USA there are colleges established on religious or gender characteristics. They can only be for women, men, Catholics, etc.
If you decide to continue your education in one of American universities before sending documents to this or that school, investigate colleges, to see what there requirements for foreign applicants. After gathering all the necessary information, make your choice.
Almost all higher educational institutions in the USA classes start in August. For admission you need to prepare in advance (a year and a half). Having defined the universities, ask them to send catalogs and information booklets about the programs, living conditions, traditions, etc. With the necessary information you will be sent a questionnaire (application form) to be filled in. The questionnaire may consist of several questions that you will need to answer in short essays. Based on them, the admission Commission will draw conclusions on the extent of your education about how you are able to Express their thoughts and personal qualities. The questionnaire can also be filled directly on the website of the chosen College.
Filling out the form, register for the TOEFL or SAT (depending on the requirements of the College). The test results are also required for admission.
In the fall you will need to send the documents. You will need a copy of the certificate of secondary education, translated into English and notarized, recommendations from school Director and teacher of the core subjects, and a medical certificate.
Sending documents after a while make sure that they came in time. Responses from colleges should come in April-may. Having received positive answers, make your final choices.
In the summer you will need to speak with an Advisor (international advisor or assistant) who deals with issues of foreign students. He will tell you what should be your next course of action.
If you decide to transfer to a College from a Russian University, you will need to attach to the basic documents letters of recommendation from teachers and a statement from the gradebook with the grades in the courses taken. All documents must be translated into English and notarized.
To obtain a visa to the United States the main documents you will need to put the invitation out of College and proof of the funds required.
Useful advice
Making documents, clearly and carefully observe all instructions and requirements. If the essay will be more required, it will not be read.
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