You will need
  • - list of US universities
  • - a notarized certificate
  • - medical certificate
  • - recommendations from school Director
  • - notarized list of assessments (if translating from a Russian University)
Select an educational institution that provides education in your desired specialty.
Send them a request to send the necessary study materials. Together with them you will receive a questionnaire, which is an important document for admission. Some colleges post the questionnaire on its website.
Register for the TOEFL, SAT or other, depending on the requirements of the institution.
Prepare and send documents: a copy of the notarized certificate translated into English medical certificate and recommendation from school Director or teacher.
Wait for an invitation to study. Usually colleges send out their spring, in April-may.
Contact in August with the College's representative working with foreign students. He will give detailed recommendations for further action.