A passport which has at least one page for gluing in of the visa. If you have an old passport with visa of UK, Canada, USA or the Schengen countries, you should apply them too.
Confirmation that you have filled out the form DS-160. Application form completed in English on the website of the Department of Immigration of the United States. All the questions will be given 20 minutes. If you need more time, you need to save the form and then return to its filling. During filling, you will need to upload the photo, requirements will be stated on the website. At the end of the fill will be generated confirming the completion to print and take with you. Printed the form should also be present in the documents.
Receipt of payment of visa fee. Its amount is 160$. You can pay online by card or Bank VTB24 on the receipt.
Photo made in accordance with the requirements of the Consulate. To make it, it is best to go to a photo printing store, employees who are aware of all visa requirements of different countries.
Confirmation of employment. This is usually a proof of employment indicating salary, position, seniority and date of vacation. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to provide a copy of the certificate on registration and on statement on the tax account. Students must make a reference from place of study. If you have diplomas or certificates, you can apply them too. Disabled people, children and pensioners who can't pay their expenses themselves, and should bring a sponsorship letter and all the financial documents in the name of the sponsor. You will also need paper, confirming the relationship.
Documents proving financial solvency and intention to return home, are copies of tax returns, certificates of share in the assets or stock of their own enterprise, documents on property ownership or car, marriage certificate and children's birth.
Reaffirming the goals of the trip. It can be an invitation from a private person, the contract that you bought the tour itinerary, hotel booking printouts, medical records, and if the purpose of travel is medical treatment.