You will need
  • Old pants or jeans;
  • - Blouse or vest;
  • - Velvet vest or an old dress;
  • - Cut satin sash;
  • - Decorative jewelry;
  • Bandana with skulls;
  • - Threads with the needles.
In order to be inspired to create a costume and draw a couple of ideas, review of "Pirates of the Caribbean". A pirate costume can be made of old clothes, only slightly alter it, giving the flavor of the sea tramp.
Take old and worn, or just holey jeans, cut just below the knee is possible, and even necessary, unevenly. Restrepia shotgun and additionally make a few holes, sew colorful patches (no holes, of course) coarse stitches with a thick thread of contrasting color.
Find the vest you will not be sorry to get dirty and break in several places. If no vest, then wear any old shirt and even my mother's blouse, and the more elaborate, the better!
Pitch the girdle is from a piece of bright shiny fabric, good Atlas. If you can't find a vest, then quickly stitch it from pieces of leather or other material, just trace the approximate contours of the vest for things of a suitable size. Coarse stitches sew it and decorate it with colorful patches and spots.
If you plan to sew a costume for a pirate is richer, then you will have to part with an old velvet dress, it will break and breeches, and vest of a pirate. Decorate these items with gold braid or cord and a luxurious shiny buttons. Such outfits are more suitable blouse with wide sleeves, collar, jabot and ruffles at the cuff.
Neck tie a colorful headscarf, head bandana skull. On top of the belt-sash, you can wear a chain and coins.
Wear striped or black leggings, socks or stockings. The shoes may be different from the coarse shoes to high boots. Adorn boots wide shiny buckles.
Don't forget about the characteristic details of the pirate costume - put the belt all the toy guns you can find. In a small bottle pour the tea and add a label with the words "Rum". You can attach to shoulder with a toy parrot.
In one ear and wear an earring in the shape of a ring or the same clip. Make a black eye patch. Do not be shy with the make - your pirate needs to be expressive, so draw a mustache, beard, frowning eyebrows and eyeliner! You can add and bruise for a special chic. Stick conversion a tattoo with the appropriate subject sections of the body.