You will need
  • The average density of the black cardboard the size of A2, red cardboard to the inside of the hat of A4 size, stiff cardboard for the execution of the framework (for example, a piece from a cardboard box), about 30 small feathers, thin and shiny ribbon, red ribbon a little wider for the logo, the gun with liquid nails, ruler, scissors, scriptorial and double sided tape.
Our pirate hat is made up of 5 parts: front, back, and internal parts, fundamentals and logo. Draw a diagram of a pirate hat, according to his own taste or preferences of the child. Composable front from the back on the black cardboard and cut out. The corners of the parts of our hats are basically double-sided tape and glue the halves. Take the cardboard from the box and cut out base – bar size 2х58 cm (based on the volume of the head is 56 cm). Foundation put into a ring and glue. The inner part is cut out of red cardboard, the size – 10х30 see Glue and fasten to the base. She hat ready.
Let's embellishment. Liquid nails glue the feathers overlap, l is the center to the edges of the hat. Glue thin ribbon on the front and the back on the bottom of the hat.
Do emblem. Volume of gummed paper cut out a circle for the base of the logo and other details (skulls and crossbones or other picture to your taste). Double-sided tape to glue the Foundation to the rest of the logo, draw the small details of gel pen. The emblem is made. Left to attach it to the hat and the way the young pirate ready.