Advice 1: How to make a pirate Tricorn

Today pirate romance attracts not only children eager for adventure, but also adults who are not averse to try on a new role at a friendly party, carnival or theatrical representation. The image of the pirate it is impossible to imagine complete without typical pirate hat. To make this cocked a snap. With this handle even a beginner seamstress for a couple of hours.
How to make a pirate Tricorn
You will need
  • - black fabric,
  • - interlining,
  • - pins
  • - a pair of scissors.
Take a hard durable black fabric. If necessary, glue the fabric from the wrong side of the interlining to become even tougher, and then measure the circumference of your head, for the construction of the pattern. Cutting on the fabric the details of the future hat – the two parts of fields, the middle and the two parts of the bottom of the hat.
Fold together the halves of the fields, right sides together and stitch along the edge. Remove the field, making small cuts in the allowances on the inside. Zautyuzhte part and make along the edge of the fields with the external side of the decorative stitching. Then fold the two bottom egg-shaped wrong side to each other and chipped around the edges with pins, keeping the seam.
On the sides of the parts make a small notch with scissors that the product is more accurate. Then how the pins and sew together parts of the crown, and then connect together in the middle and the bottom. Baste the crown with the bottom, and then prostrochite them on a typewriter, at the same time objetiva zigzag cut.
Zautyuzhte seam of crown side. Align the bottom edge of the crown with detail fields, baste by hand and prostrochite on a typewriter. From the inside seam can bind with bias binding for a more decorative. Fold the seam back to the inside of the crown and hem by hand.
Now using a thread and needle sew the edge of the fields to the crown at the front and sides so that the hat looked like a real pirate Tricorne. Decorate the hat with feathers, lace and other decorative ornaments.

Advice 2: How to make a pirate hat

Choosing a costume for carnival for yourself or your child, please note the pirate costume. This light, fun way will appeal to boy and girl, and even adults will allow enough to fool around on occasion. Besides, to make this easy costume: old jeans, vest and cravat there, perhaps, in any home. The only detail on the production which you will have to spend time – a pirate hat.
How to make a pirate hat
You will need
  • You will need:
  • - thick paper;
  • is old hat;
  • - colors.
  • brush;
  • - scissors;
  • glue;
  • newspaper;
  • - decorations: feathers, glass stones, black satin ribbon.
The easiest way to make a hat of a pirate from unnecessary wide-brimmed hats. Perhaps, long ago you brought it from sea travel, maybe you have in the country is still gathering dust grandfather's headgear – any, with a wide brim. First of all, the hat will be painted in black color. It can make an ordinary gouache or paint for fabric. For straw hats is also suitable aniline dyes for fabrics. After the headpiece is dry, it will need to be decorated. Important detail pirate hat – skull and crossbones. They should be cut from white paper and glue to the hat or to pin a stapler. Also for decoration you can use a satin black ribbon that you want to pin around the hat base fields, feathers or large glass stones that mimic precious stones.
If the finished hats on hand you have, make it out of construction paper. To do this, cut out of paper two identical parts shaped like an inverted boat, paint them black. From white paper cut out the skull and bones and mount them on the front part of the future hat. Cut a strip of paper, equal in length to the circumference of the head plus 3-4 cm for bonding and put a ring on it to secure the ends. Glue to a strip of the details of hat front and back, join the edges with glue. Allow the product to dry.
In that case, if the hat you need to do as quickly as possible, you can simply fold it out of the paper. Surely, you remember how to make boats out of paper: pick up the newspaper turn, fold on fold. Put the billet fold up and fold down the top corners to the center to make an equilateral triangle, with additional openings. Fold the bottom edge on the outside of the hat, tuck the corners and secure the workpiece with glue so that the hat is not subsequently reversed. It remains only to paint the hat in black and sticking to her skull and crossbones cut from white paper.
Useful advice
To make the image more expressive, don't forget to make a black patch over one eye.
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