Advice 1: How to sew a sailor suit

Baby costumes for carnivals and parties usually turn out very cute and cartoonish. If you are tired of a succession of rabbits, cats and children, sew your child's costume of a sailor. The kid will probably be proud of this role and you will be satisfied with elegant appearance of his child.
How to sew a sailor suit
You will need
  • cloth;
  • - scissors;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - the tape;
  • - a sewing machine.
The upper part of the costume is a white shirt. You can redraw the pattern with any shirt of the child, removing the line of buttons and making the whole shelf. You can also take a white t-shirt and sew sleeves. The sleeves should be a cuff whose width is equal to half the length of the brush child. The lower half of the cuff make the blue on the top an equal distance from each other should be three blue stripes. Assemble the cuff of lengths of fabric and white and blue or white paint blue marker on fabric.
On the shelf of a shirt make a V-neck. Transfer the shape of the cut on paper for the pattern, add to it part of a pattern of the back – to the level of the corner armholes. The resulting drawing is make the sailor collar. Take it from a blue fabric tab on the perimeter of the three parallel stripes of white braid.
As pants sailor use any black or white pants. For more similarity with the official form of a sailor to press for trousers arrows. Complete the outfit is a wide black belt.
Sew the cap. Measuring tape measure the circumference of child's head. On the pattern, draw a rectangular strip of such length with an allowance 1 cm is the band of the headdress. For the top of the cap draw a circle whose diameter is 10 cm greater than the diameter of the base. To calculate this value, the circumference of your head, divide by 2, then add to the result 10.
The part connecting the upper part of his cap with the rim, draw the sweep of a truncated cone. Add a centimeter of the seam to the length and width of the figure. Take part and sew them. To cap better keep in shape, its lower and upper part, you can insert the cardboard. Sew to back of hat with two blue ribbons. Their length should reach the shoulders of the child.

Advice 2: How to sew a t-shirt

Sew myself a fancy t-shirt of knitted fabric quite easily and quickly. Sewing a t-shirt need color of cotton Jersey with elastane fibers. The easiest style - straight fit with slightly lowered armhole.
How to sew a t-shirt
You will need
  • Cotton Jersey, centimeter, thread, serger, sewing machine.
First you need to take the measurements: length of shirt, bust, hips, waist. To draw on paper patterns. Patterns of the back and front are virtually identical. You need to draw a rectangle where the length of a rectangle is the length of shirt, width of the breast volume. Free fit allow 3-4 cm
The rectangle to draw the appropriate markup in place of the waist to draw inside a smooth concave line, as if "pritalen rectangle. If the hip measurement is much larger than the volume of the chest, gradually to extend the pattern down a few inches. To impose patterns on one another and apply a neckline. For simplicity and precision the neck back and front to cut your old t-shirt. All patterns are ready.
Before cutting out the fabric needs to be folded in half, face inward. Pattern to put on fabric strictly according to the knit columns, using them as an equity line. The seams add 1.5 inch for the bottom hem 4 inches. Carefully pin the pattern to the fabric with sewing pins. Carve out carefully with sharp scissors, being careful not to move the pattern with knitted fabrics.
After you cut out the parts to sew on the overlock machine. First, sew the shoulder seams. Then sew side seams, leaving 20-25 cm unsewn for armholes. Then in the sewing machine to insert the double needle. To turn on the wrong side of the seam of the neckline and armholes about one centimeter, tack. The bottom of the t-shirt remove 3 cm, tack.

Carefully priotity bends. Then double needle to pristroit swept up on the wrong side of bends. Ironed product.

Advice 3: How to sew a Gypsy costume

Gypsy songs, dances, guitar, colorful shawls, skirts give the festival a special atmosphere. For any carnival one or two Gypsy will be found. It can be graceful Esmeralda, passionate Carmen or even just a nameless Gypsy girl, who sing a soulful romance or your fortune. Any costume you can make yourself, especially as some of the details of Pets at home.
How to sew a Gypsy costume
You will need
  • - white fabric for the skirt;
  • - a plain fabric for a blouse;
  • - knitted or woven shawl;
  • - beads, old coins, round metal plate;
  • - the flower in the hair;
  • - fringe;
  • - on the cover of glossy magazines;
  • - Lac;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needles;
  • - threads;
  • glue;
  • - graph paper;
  • a pair of compasses;
  • pencil;
  • - chalk or soap;
  • - pattern blouse.
One of the main parts of the Gypsy costume skirt. Very often in the old Gypsy women wore several skirts. New and beautiful was worn over an old and tattered. However, wear several skirts at once uncomfortable, so stitch one bright skirt or the bell. Measure the waist and length of skirt. Calculate the radius of the inner circle. Draw it. Add to radius the length of the skirt without ruffles and draw the outer circle. For polyanna divide the circle in half.
Cotton or silk fabric for the skirt is better to choose wider, so you don't have to do any stitches. Circle pattern, not forgetting the allowances for seams and on the belt. Will have plenty of frill. It should be about 1.5-2 times longer than the lower edge of the skirt. Its width is 10-15 cm
Hem the bottom edge of the ruffles or treat it with a serger. The upper edge prostrochite very large stitches, then structure. Fold the skirt and frill, right sides towards each other, aligning the top environments ruffles hem skirt. Sweeps and sostrochite did build distributed evenly along the entire length.
Sew the seam of the skirt. Fold the top 0.3 cm, then 2-3 cm, baste and pristrochite. Insert the elastic and close up the hole. Skirt can be made from several layers. Make a few "suns" or "pollutants" of different lengths. Contracep seams, insert one layer into another, then the third to the shortest on top. The upper edge of the sweeps. Make a belt.
The blouse you can look in the closet. In principle, suitable even t-shirt if she has a big enough cut. Strict English blouse is unlikely to be appropriate. If nothing suitable is not found, find the pattern any blouse. Sew it up the same as any other top but make elbow-length sleeves and decorate them with ruffles. For the neck, too, more suited to a flounce or two. Take strips of fabric to a length of 2 times the width of the sleeves and neckline. Finish with a serger or hem the bottom, the upper edge will structure. Sew the ruffle to the blouse.
Shawl can take any. If no, take a break from a fabric with a large pattern a large rectangular triangle. The fabric is better to take two-sided and not very dense. The longest side of the hem gently. To the other two sew the fringe.
Gypsy love bright beads. Pick up something suitable in the box with the jewelry. You can make the beads themselves. This requires the cover of glossy magazines. Raschertite it parallel straight lines, leaving between them the distance in 1 see Get something like a sheet to the line. Cut a piece for these strips. Fold each strip diagonal and cut too.
Make a bead. Slather it with glue on the reverse side and roll up, starting on the side opposite acute corner. Twist to the side, which smeared. Similarly make the remaining beads. Cover them with lacquer and nanizhite on a thread or fishing line.
Useful advice
The costume can be supplemented with a short black vest.

For a necklace to wear the old coins. They drill 2 holes. The holes should be located nearby. Nanizhite coins on the line, threading it in both holes.

Instead of a shawl you can make a scarf. Tie it back or side.

Lantern sleeve blouses for the Roma is also quite good.

If your Gypsy is going to dance, you can make a short petticoat. It is a straight skirt in the same or close to the color of the fabric. This skirt is elastic, and its length should be such as to not restrict movement.

Does not have cotton fabric. Any is easy enough.

Advice 4: How to sew children's Christmas costume for a boy

The new year is a magical holiday in which the kids are waiting for miracles. Especially wonderful this holiday make costumes that don't even have to buy. Any Christmas costume for a boy can do with his hands.
How to sew children's Christmas costume for a boy


Remember your childhood who dressed up boys when you were kids? Usually on Christmas morning the boys played the role of favorite Pets. To sew such a costume is simple.

First we need to define who will be your child Bunny, wolf, or bear. Determine the style of costume. To help you can take the magazines with children's costumes, or use the Internet. There you can find the pattern. If not, then take the child's measurements themselves or make pattern, taking advantage of his clothes.

Now you need to choose the right fabric, the right color: Bunny – white, wolf gray, bear brown. If a child will depict a different animal, the fabric is also chosen according to color. Usually in magazines is an indication of what kind of fabric you need to take for a particular suit. Most importantly – it should not be too tight that the child was not hot.

But the most important thing in children's Christmas costume is the mask. Here it, most likely, have to buy.


Snowman costume, you can not even look in magazines or on the Internet. To start, sew baby long white robe. At the bottom of the hoodie and the belt hoodie for elastics. To give volume to the bottom "ball" hem with cotton wool or synthetic padding. The baby's legs should be shod or white thick socks, or white felt boots. At the baby's head should make a brilliant hat out of cardboard and foil.

Heroes of books and movies

Costumes fairy-tale characters or cartoon characters even easier. Pirates, dwarves, elves – they all wear pants, shirts and vests, just different colors. Child sew these garments.

The pirate costume must be decorated with colorful wide sash and saber. Gnome on the vest attach the "rivets" foil, as an elf costume adorn with fringe on the bottom of trousers, waistcoat and shirt sleeves. Don't forget to add the relevant tools: dwarf axe or pickaxe, and the elf –bow and arrows.

The pirate on the head instead of a hat you can tie the bandana with skulls. Dwarf you can buy or make a beard of cotton. Only to have your dwarf looked gray and old, wool is best dyed in a brown or red color. Elf necessary or headband on your hair or a green hat.

Musketeer costume consists of breeches, shirt and a blue coat. Breeches and shirt you can find in the wardrobe of the boy, but the cloak will have to carve out of blue satin or silk. On the coat front, back and sides need to draw or sew white crosses. On the cuffs and shirt collar will have to sew the lace for the authenticity of the image. Complete costume hat with feather and sword is your baby ready to fight.
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