You will need
  • cloth;
  • - scissors;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - the tape;
  • - a sewing machine.
The upper part of the costume is a white shirt. You can redraw the pattern with any shirt of the child, removing the line of buttons and making the whole shelf. You can also take a white t-shirt and sew sleeves. The sleeves should be a cuff whose width is equal to half the length of the brush child. The lower half of the cuff make the blue on the top an equal distance from each other should be three blue stripes. Assemble the cuff of lengths of fabric and white and blue or white paint blue marker on fabric.
On the shelf of a shirt make a V-neck. Transfer the shape of the cut on paper for the pattern, add to it part of a pattern of the back – to the level of the corner armholes. The resulting drawing is make the sailor collar. Take it from a blue fabric tab on the perimeter of the three parallel stripes of white braid.
As pants sailor use any black or white pants. For more similarity with the official form of a sailor to press for trousers arrows. Complete the outfit is a wide black belt.
Sew the cap. Measuring tape measure the circumference of child's head. On the pattern, draw a rectangular strip of such length with an allowance 1 cm is the band of the headdress. For the top of the cap draw a circle whose diameter is 10 cm greater than the diameter of the base. To calculate this value, the circumference of your head, divide by 2, then add to the result 10.
The part connecting the upper part of his cap with the rim, draw the sweep of a truncated cone. Add a centimeter of the seam to the length and width of the figure. Take part and sew them. To cap better keep in shape, its lower and upper part, you can insert the cardboard. Sew to back of hat with two blue ribbons. Their length should reach the shoulders of the child.