You will need
  • calculator, knowledge of the rates and degrees of teacher
To calculate a teacher's salary can be as follows. To the base salary, which varies from 2600 to 3000 rubles, added certain factors prevailing, including, and additional payments for qualification category, scientific degree and honorary title.
Wages are the highest level of management to whom the management of the school, is focusing on a higher ratio. For example, Director, chief accountant, heads of various structural divisions receive a mandatory allowances. For each category of teachers and representatives of the control unit has a coefficient which increases depending on the position. Of course, that the salaries of teachers of lyceums and gymnasiums is different from the teachers of the regular schools.
Also, the factors which directly affect the remuneration of teachers include the following: level of education (higher vocational or specialized secondary), qualification, rank and experience, and Supplement for a PhD degree. With all these changes, the norm of working time a teacher remained unchanged. For primary school teachers she is 20 hours, and teacher working in middle and senior level, – the rate of 18 hours. The amount of time worked not reflected on the payroll.
According to officials, the new law only improved the status of teachers. After all, the branch system of payment increases the salaries of managers by about 30-40%, teachers with higher education is 20%, and teachers with secondary education by about 10%. The sectoral system of remuneration allows teachers to earn more while increasing their skills or receive higher education.