Prepare the tablet for installation. Check all its elements. As a rule, the feather for its work requires power from the battery, so be careful about its presence. You can now install the tablet. Standard connectivity interface is USB. Connect the tablet to the USB connector of your computer. Next step is to install the necessary drivers.
If included with the tablet is a disk, insert it into the CD drive of the computer. After loading the menu that appears, select "Install driver". If the disc includes the drivers for several models of devices, select the one that matches your model. Also, the computer may automatically find a suitable driver and offer to install it.
In addition, many devices support Plug and Play. This technology, literally translated as "plug and play, automatically detecting connected devices and configure the system. Thus, if the tablet supports this technology, its installation will be carried out in automatic mode.
If the system was unable to find the driver, and manual search on disk is not successful, perform a search on the Internet. Generally, on the official website of the manufacturer are the latest drivers. Download any for this tablet driver to complete its installation.
When the installation is complete, you may need to reboot the computer. In the dialog that appears click Yes to confirm the implementation of the reboot or click "start" – "shutdown" – "Restart." After turning on the computer can get to work with a graphic tablet!