Tablet required for convenience in operation. Stretched paper on the tablet does not move, and your figure will be perfectly safe, until you cut. On the tablet is convenient to consider the job and move to another place.
For stringing the paper on a tablet you will need: PVA glue, water glass, paper of the desired size and quality. For watercolors you need a special watercolor paper. For pencil work suitable conventional paper.
Prepare a flat surface on which you'll pull the paper to the tablet.
Put a sheet of paper of rough surface down. Pour into it clean water and dampen. Try to dry patches.
Leave the paper to get wet for 5-10 minutes. Time depends on the thickness and quality of paper.
Next, lightly smooth the paper to remove excess liquid.
Place the plate in the middle of the wet sheet.
Lubricate the edge of your glue. Do this very carefully, so that didn't leak for the tablet.
Lift the edge of the paper and bend it on the end of the tablet sticking. For better bonding it is possible the paper a little wet and squeeze well to the tablet.
Pull the paper at the corners of the tablet. To do this, glue it over the edge of your corner and fold the paper. Bend gently, not forgetting that the paper is wet and easily torn.
Proceed to the next corner of the tablet. Make all corners the same way.
On top of the tablet apply glue, the butt does not lubricate. Fold the paper into a bent on the long sides of the tablet. Press the ends to make a straight angle.
The tablet is put in a horizontal position. Wait for complete drying of paper and glue.
Do not use heat-generating appliances. The natural drying method, in a horizontal position, will allow the tablet to dry evenly. Otherwise, from one corner of the tablet, the paper will peel off.
After you finished drawing, it can cut the edges of the tablet and place it in a frame. Your tablet will be ready for the next picture.