You will need
  • - high quality comfortable mouse
If you have at the moment is not possible to buy tablet or you're not sure yet whether he will need you at all, try to draw with the mouse. Just open any graphics editor (raster like Photoshop or vector like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator), find drawing lesson for beginners and start to implement it. To create the mouse quite a decent figure is even possible. Another thing is that the time it takes is not enough and will require effort. However, some of the cost, the mouse and buying a tablet is not going. Sometimes a person is so accustomed to draw with the mouse, then it is difficult to navigate on the tablet.
One of the problems with drawing with the mouse is that the lines are difficult to make smooth and even, they can go astray and turn into zigzags. To some extent this can be offset by greatly increasing the scale of the document, it's more convenient to draw the details. From time to time you can zoom out and assess the result. Instead of trying to hold a long line, it is better to use more specific touches and strokes. If you need a straight line, use the corresponding tool in the editor, setting the desired thickness and color.
By drawing a simple picture like a snowman or Christmas tree, take a basis geometric shapes - circles, triangles, etc., and then fill them with color, add shadow and detail. To exactly to paint over some area, first select it, and then paint - so you will not be able to go beyond the region, and the drawing is neat.
There is another way. Sketch the outlines on a plain piece of paper with a pencil, take a photo or scan, the open a graphics editor and there is already outline the contours and paint. In Photoshop it is convenient to use layers to trace pencil drawings left in the final image.