You will need
    • 3 kg of strawberries;
    • 3 kg of sugar.
Carefully sort through the strawberries, discard the rotten, soft and mouldy berries, tear off the sepals. Wash the strawberries from sand and dust in a colander under running water. Let it completely drain out.
Pour berries into the pan, sprinkling each layer the strawberries with sugar (1 kg of berries - 500 g of sugar). Put in the refrigerator for a few hours. Occasionally shake the pot with the berries.
Drain from the pan with the berry juice formed in the pelvis for jam. Emptying into it the remaining sugar. Place the bowl on a small fire, stir the contents with a wooden spoon so that the sugar is completely dispersed and the resulting syrup has begun to boil. Pour into a bowl of berries. Stir and bring to a boil. Assemble spoon the resulting foam and turn off the jam. Give him a half hour to stand and cool. Again stir and put on fire. When the jam boils, remove the foam and leave it to boil on small fire. After half an hour with a spoon take a little syrup and drop on a dry plate. If the drop spread, jam needs more cooking, if the drop remains dense and retains its shape then the jam is ready.
Wash your jam jars and soda under running water and sterilize them in steam for 10-15 min twice. Boil the lids for 15 to 20 min. Pour hot jam into dry sterile jars, close the lids and leave to cool. When it is completely cool, remove the jam for storage in a cool place.