You will need
  • - strawberry - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 700 g
You first need to sort out the berries: remove stems and strawberries with a rot, then rinse thoroughly in several waters to be sure that the jam will not get sand or earth.
Washed strawberries put in those dishes in which you are going to make jam, and cover them with the sugar. This is best done in stages: first put a layer of strawberries, cover with sugar, then berries and sugar again. Covered with sugar strawberries leave it on for a couple of hours to berries gave the juice.
The amount of sugar to strawberries is quite a controversial issue. According to one of formulae per 1 kg of berries to 1 kg of sugar, but if you don't like too sweet and cloying jam, 1 kg of strawberries, you can add 700 grams of sugar.
Jam can be a huge enamel bowl or basin. A small amount of berries can be cooked in a saucepan or bowl. Keep in mind that the dishes should be either ceramic, or enamel. If you are using a glass dish, jam can stick to the bottom.
Place a container with strawberries on the stove and bring to a boil, then boil for another 5 minutes and turn off the gas stove. After jam has cooled, once again turn on the stove and cook a little longer. Repeat these manipulations until fully cooked strawberry jam. This method of cooking will help you to keep the strawberries intact.
To check the readiness of jam will help method called "drop": take a spoon and scoop a bit of strawberry jam, then put on a saucer. If the drop spreads, the jam should still continue to boil. If the drop holds its shape, the jam is ready and can be rolled into the banks. Also about the willingness will tell you the color of the jam: prepared strawberry jam has a dark color and appetizing appearance.
Sterilize the jars, spread jam on them, then roll caps, flip the banks and cover them. Store delicious and fragrant strawberry jam is not only in the refrigerator, but in the pantry. Thus, make strawberry jam at home is quite simple.