You will need
  • berries or fruit;
  • - sugar;
  • - the slow cooker;
  • - jars and lids.
So how to make jam in a slow cooker need with the lid closed, the moisture will not evaporate and the syrup thickens. So the jam will turn out runny, but with whole berries as jam. If you want thicker try to cook for 2 approach.
Do not put in the slow cooker, lots of berries, otherwise the jam just "run away" so remember the proportions. 2 litres capacity - no more than a pound of fruit or berries. Let's see how much you have multivarka, and calculate how much of what you will need.
Wash fruit or berries and let them dry, because the extra liquid in the slow cooker useless. Mix berries with sugar. If you make jam in a slow cooker from apricots or strawberries, sugar take in equal amounts. For sour berries, such as currants, sugar need more.
Before make jam in a slow cooker, be sure to remove the steam valve. Lay the berries in a container, close the lid and turn mode "Quenching" for 1 hour. Meanwhile, prepare the banks. They need to be sterilized. This can be done in several ways. Put a jar on a special stand over a boiling pot in the water, bottom down . After 3-5 minutes, remove. And you can just fill the cans with boiling water, cover with boiled lids and hold for 10 minutes, then the water carefully drained. Or to put the jars into the steam cooker and sterilize them.
Jam in multivarka ready. Open it and put it in the jars. Immediately, tighten their lids because the jam liquid and the microbes may eventually begin to ferment. Place the jar bottom up and cover with a blanket or something. Let the jam will be hot longer.