You will need
    • Strawberry
    • sugar.
The essence of most of the recipes of strawberry jam, of which a great many, that the strawberries and sugar taken in equal proportions (one to one). With less sugar jam can turn sour and expensive products will be lost forever.
Try not to get too distracted while cooking and to follow instructions.
Select 1 kg of solid unspoiled berries strawberries. Washed under running water to rid the berries from the peduncle. Allow to drain water. In the old recipes, strawberries generally recommend not to wash, and every carefully wipe with a damp rag. Select the appropriate option for you.
For cooking use either a pot with a wide bottom, or enamel basin.
In a bowl for jam layers spread strawberries evenly falling asleep each layer of berries and sugar. Covered 1 kg strawberries 1 kg of sand leave the future of jam for 8-10 hours or overnight, so the berries could give juice.
In the morning, put the basin on a slow fire, make sure that all the sugar crystals have dissolved. Very gently mix so as not to crush the berries.
When you see that the sugar is dissolved, add heat and bring the jam to a boil. Do not boil, remove from heat for 20-25 minutes. Again put on medium heat, boiling the jam and remove from heat for 20-25 minutes. Try again.
To find out whether jamis ready, place a tablespoon of jam on a saucer and let cool. Push the jam on the saucer with your finger. The jam is ready, if the folds and flows no liquid.
Sterilize two half-liter cans. Rinse cans with hot water and soap, rinse, dry towels. Warm, dry banks put in the oven for 5 minutes at medium heat, put a clean cover for rolling cans.
Ready jam cool for 15 minutes, if began to form a film, paste on its surface is a little bit of butter. Film will disappear.
Ready pour the jam in sterilized and warm banks. It is easy to do using the funnel. Close the sterilized lids.