How to cook a thick strawberry jam with whole berries

Rinse the berries and remove all the debris and sepals. For washing, use only cold water, and the process should not take more than three minutes, otherwise the berries fall apart. Put the strawberries in a colander or strainer to drain excess water. After 30 minutes take an enamel bowl or pot on the bottom with a thin layer place the strawberries and sprinkle it with sugar, top with sugar, lay another layer of strawberries and also sprinkle sugar. Continue to create layers until then, until the berries. Lots of berries should equal weight of sugar, that is, kilogram of strawberries, you need to take pounds of sand.

Allow the berries to steep for five hours, then drain the separated juice in a bowl or pan. It is important to note that strawberries - the berry is quite juicy, so preparing the jam is just sugar you need to take one and a half times more than the berries themselves, that is, one kilogram of strawberries - half a kilogram of sugar. So after draining the juice, add more sugar (if you're going to make jam from 1 kg of berries, pour 500 grams of sand, 2 kg - kilo, etc.). The basin with the juice and sugar, put on medium heat, stirring constantly, bring the mass to a boil. In the boiling syrup carefully put the berries, stir and bring to a boil. Remove jam from heat and wait until it is completely cool. After cooling the jam once again put on the fire until boiling. With a boiling jam remove the foam and make it with fire. Repeat the procedure again. In the end you will have a delicious thick jam with whole berries.

How to cook a thick strawberry jam with gelatin

Few people know that a thick strawberry jam can be cooked without a lot of sugar, all that is required is to include in the recipe gelatin.

Take a kilo of strawberries, loop through it and rinse. Berries pour a glass or two of sand and let it brew (if you like sweeter then sugar, take a few more). A few hours later, a pot of strawberries put on a slow fire.

In a glass of water, empty a packet of gelatin (a tablespoon) and leave for 20 minutes. In a boiling jam add a little vanilla (a quarter of the fruit) and pour the gelatin mixture (it should be preheated in the microwave). Stir and simmer for three minutes. The jam is ready, put in jars, store in the refrigerator. It is worth noting that in eating this delicacy is best consumed in the next two weeks.