Before to cook a delicious strawberry jam, you need to collect berries. This should be done in dry Sunny weather, the strawberries did not have time to get wet and soften. Otherwise the finished jam is too watery. To store berries for too long is not necessary, as they can turn sour.

Strawberry jam with vodka – how to prepare?

The first thing is to gather in one place all the necessary ingredients, namely:

strawberries – 1 kg;
- sugar – 600 g;
- juniper berries – 10 berries;
- vodka – 4 tablespoons (some cooks recommend taking 3.5 scoops);
- balsamic vinegar – 6 tbsp;
- fresh rosemary – 1-2 sprigs;
- black pepper – a pinch.

You can then move on to cooking. Strawberries should be rinsed in several waters to eliminate spoiled fruit good berry to sprinkle them with sugar, set aside until the juice. Then mix the fruits with juniper berries and rosemary, to shift them out of the Cup in a saucepan and boil for 2 minutes.

After a time the pot should be removed, berries pour in some cool dishes and leave for whole night. To protect the jam from falling insects, e.g. mosquitoes, the capacity should be covered with gauze. In the morning you need to continue cooking the jam - pour it in balsamic vinegar and vodka, put coarsely ground pepper, put on very low fire. When strawberries are boiling, it is necessary to remove the foam. Continue to cook until almost complete evaporation of the juice. Then a container of jam from gas should be removed.

The finishing touch – the seizure of strawberries, rosemary and juniper, pouring the finished jam in warm, sterilised jars, sealing of glass containers lacquered tin with lids. If you to close used normal cover of nylon, the jam jars need to be clean to store in a cold place.

Small advice

Berries for jam weigh after preparation and drying. Just so you know their exact weight, without any debris and excess moisture.

If you had to briefly set aside the cooking of the jam, wash the berries and a little dry, or cover them the amount of sugar stated in the recipe. After not have to add it.

Sterilize jars is poured into it jam. Time it takes exactly 10 minutes. To do this, put in a saucepan a wooden club, and pour water into it and heat. Then, you should put it in jars, covered with boiled lids. Roll in the usual way.