You will need
  • The fabric for the finished product, the fabric is pre-patterns, sewing machine, thread, scissors, needles, the tape, the Internet, the desire to please your pet.
Remove from pet measurements.

Measure the length of the back. Put on a cat collar (or something like) so that it freely around the neck. Measure from collar to base of tail (where the back ends and tail begins) in different positions: when the cat sits, stands and lies. Write down the measurement, which turned out to be the greatest.
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Measure the chest girth. This tape should be secured behind the front legs of the animal.

Measure the circumference the "waist". This measure it is advisable to remove when the cat is sitting.

Measure the girth of the hind legs near the hips. And waist, this scoop should be removed, when the animal sits.

Measure the circumference of the front paw.

Measure the length of the legs. Focus on your preferred length. But keep in mind that the sleeves should not be too long, because a cat can tangle.
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Decide the model of the future garment and for what purposes it will serve. If you need clothes for warm cat houses, it is best to choose a vest or long top. If you need to transport the kitty in the winter time, for example to the vet, then give preference to your suit.
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Choose and purchase fabric. When choosing fabrics focus on the time of year when it will be worn thing and on your chosen model. For example, to gillock or blouse will fit knit.
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If you know how to cut yourself, focusing on the made measurements, draw the pattern. If you do not know how to cut, then go on the Internet. Find an appropriate pattern (now on many forums about the animals people are willing to share tips how to sew for cats), you can download it and get to work. Finding the right pattern, follow its instructions.
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Before you cut the fabric, prepared for the jumpsuit, take a break and sweeps your chosen thing from any unnecessary fabric. No matter how you tried to follow the instructions and in the end, the thing may not be suitable for your pet.
Wegrow sample from the unnecessary tissue, adjust all the individual characteristics of the body of your pet, having tried it on the sample.
When everything is ready and the sample fits, transfer the pattern onto the fabric, take part and sew them.
The easiest option of clothes for cat sweater from the sleeve of an old sweater. Cut the sleeve of an old sweater. Where the cuffs, the neckline will be. Trim any excess length. Cut two holes for the front legs. The edges of the arm openings and hem of vest panel thread or tape, so they are not eviscerated and does not dissolve. Steal the vest according to your taste.