You will need:

- plastic pan or solid cardboard;

- adhesive tape or a piece of cloth;

- mosquito net.

The easiest way to make a toilet from a plastic tray. Take the mesh material (mosquito net, etc), cut out the rectangle on the internal size of the pallet, glue the edges with tape or adhesive tape to avoid injuries when changing the toilet. Pour into the pan a layer of 1-2 cm of sand or sawdust, cover with homemade grid and the tray is ready.

Instead of a metal grid you can make a grid out of cardboard: cut a suitable rectangle, glue to completely wrap and make holes with the awl. The distance between the holes should be no more than 1 cm.

Grid need to ensure that the animal is not drenched legs when urinating. Solid excrement is easier to remove from the grid than to pour into the toilet along with a bunch of sand. Just shake the mesh over the toilet and flush.

Toilet also can be made out of cardboard, cut the right size box, reinforce, pasted film or oilcloth. A simple tray is not satisfied? Zadekorirovat a toilet with a cat head and letters-stickers.


Cutting the tray from a cardboard box, make one side slightly more than the others. Cut the remaining cardboard from something like a feline head (a half-circle ears) and glue to the lower side. Glue the tray with foil or rubber sheet, glue it to the head element of the letters in a name of a cat or cats.