The most favorite entertainment for young kittens - playing with ribbon. But the bow needs a special rustling. Make it very simple. Pick up a newspaper or a sheet of A4. Fold it in half. Then make from a sheet of "accordion". In the middle tie a long twine. The toy is ready. Attach it to the door handle so that the bow does not reach the floor. Kitty will love to play with this trinket.
How to make a toy for kitty
It is possible to slightly improve this toy to deliver your pet even more fun. Tying the bow to the rope, leave the tip with a length of 10-15 cm. String it on beads of different sizes. You can use the same boxes inside chocolate eggs (they are the toys). The beads will rattle on the floor, and your kitty will be ecstatic.
How to make a toy for kitty
Cats are predators and love to hunt prey. Play with your pet in the hunter and the victim. The victim will, of course, you. Or rather, undead you have in hand a special toy. You will need: a twig or stick a length of 30-50 cm, rooster feathers or pieces of fur. Firmly tie the fur or feathers to the tip of the twig. Move the nose of a kitten. Hide behind a corner or behind the cupboard, leaving outside only the imaginary prey. Let your pet feel like a real predatory animal.
How to make a toy for kitty
Of the same boxes for toys produced from chocolate eggs, you can make a great rattle for kitten. Place it inside the beads, nut or screws. Throw the toy on the floor. Your pet will be chasing it from corner to corner like a real football player. Or give your child a ball of wool, let him ride it around the apartment. Please don't forget to disentangle money from lots of threads.
How to make a toy for kitty
If you have flooring, you can arrange for the kitten fishing. Pour into a bowl of water in there and distribute small pieces of foam, cardboard boxes, match boxes. Put fluffy angler from the water tank. Show an example of how to pull the items out of the water. Your pet will be happy to support this fun.
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Kittens sometimes require as much attention as small children. Do not deny them in this. Play with your pet, pet him, cuddle. Believe me, it will bring pleasure to you both.
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