How to make a very simple bed for cats

The easiest way to build a bench in a box or old suitcase. The sides of the vessel limits the space and make it more cozy. This bench is made in the form of a mattress with a soft filler. To sew, you will need material tailored to cats they love to sharpen their claws and leave on the bed a lot of hair. So the fabric needs to be thick enough, but not nappy. Best satin, crepe, blackout drape, lint-free cloth. As filler can be used pellets of Styrofoam, polyester wadding, cut into small pieces of foam.

Getting started – taking measurements. Using a measuring tape to measure the width and length of box and cut out the two cloth taking into account allowances for seams (0.5-0.8 cm) and the height of the mattress (3-5 cm). The fabric is completely sewn on three sides, the fourth left an opening for installation of the filler. After stuffing sew up the hole by hand. If you used foam or polyester batting, couch it is possible to stitch in several places to make convex shapes: diamonds, squares, circles. This will significantly beautify the product.

How to make a bunk-house

For couches, a house will need a sketch, which indicates the desired sizes. The pattern to do so: calculate the perimeter of the end house: the starting and final point of the ridge of the roof. This number will correspond to the length of the canvas. Width – the desired length of the house. Cut the fabric found size to fit the seam.

The second canvas needs to be larger: it takes into account the thickness of the couches. The first pattern add twice the desired value (the thickness of the bed), the seam and cut out the second part. Cloth sewn together, prestativa to each other on three sides. Should get the long pouch.

His turn on the front side and mark the location of the walls of the house. In the interval between them is placed a filler, and sew it. Get a soft comfortable floor – itself a bed for a pet. Then start the device the walls of house. For this both sides from the floor put thick cardboard and filler. Sew these materials. Similarly make the second wall.

For the roof you can not use the foam (polyester), will have enough cardboard. The opposite side of the couch sew. They should form a roof ridge. The house can be left through or make him a back wall.