There are two ways to dye dark hair to light color. The first of them allows to achieve the desired result fairly quickly, but it is dangerous to the health of the hair. Its essence lies in the fact that the hair must be pre lightened. This is most often used hydrogen peroxide. When using it you have to be very careful, because you can just burn the hair. There are also special brighteners. Their composition also includes a peroxide, but they are a bit softer. By such means you will be able to remove the natural hair pigment, which gives them a darker shade. Remember that sometimes you have to spend not one but two or even three treatments, because for once you can clear no more than four tones. Then the hair can be dyed light color.
More secure but a long way – a gradual lightening. In order to achieve the desired result each time you just need to choose the paint one or two shades lighter than the previous one. Remember that dyeing hair can not more often than once in three weeks, otherwise you will damage them. You should also choose paint from the same palette, and the desired color.
Be prepared for the fact that after the first and possibly the second painting, you find that the color has not changed. In fact, the hair still acquire a lighter shade. Be patient: in order to achieve the desired result, you may need three to four months.
If you are not very good at paint hair or not sure that will be able to choose the right tools, play it safe and ask for help to the experienced technician in a hair salon. Funds available there, far better than those you can buy in the store. Besides, the expert knows how to paint dark hair in a light color.