Try to give a dark hair beautiful and fashionable shades. This option is ideal for those who do not seek to change color of hair in many colors, and just wants to refresh the image. Perfectly refreshing color of dark curls, give them a dazzling Shine bessarione hair.
Also for these purposes using toning shampoos, conditioners and tonics. Toners wash out after a few washes, but they do not spoil the hair structure, because their pigments are attached to the hair surface.
If you decide to color hair lighter in a few colors, paint them the paint counter. Using ordinary paint, you can lighten only natural pigments of the hair.
Therefore, it is more difficult with the earlier dark-colored tresses. To make them lighter, will require the prior discoloration. This procedure is ruthlessly spoils the structure of the hair, making them dry and brittle.
To get rid of dark paint on the hair, make the Barber the procedure washes of color. A wash can be used at home, but often require more than one application of the composition to the hair, to wash the dark color completely.
The remover acts on the head of hair is more gentle than hydrogen peroxide. It has no lightening effect and is able to wash out of the hair of artificial color. Hair after washing need extra care and nutrition, as inside them voids previously filled with paint. So the hair may appear thinner and weaker than before. With proper care they will recover quickly.
If you want to radically change the dark hair color and become a blonde, you will need prior clarification. If your colour pigment is strong, you will have to bleach your hair twice, and then tint them to the desired color.
You should not experiment with such a complex chemical process at home. It is better to seek the assistance of a hair professional. Obestsvechivaya home, you risk being without a full head of hair or to the head dirty yellow MOP as dry as tow, hair.
Become a blonde, you can gradually, with the help of such types of professional coloring as highlighting, coloring and balayage.
When highlighting individual strands of hair are lightened to create the effect of light hair. Coloring is dyeing hair in a few shades (from 2 to 5), this creates a soft transition from dark hair to light. Balayage is lightening only the ends, the roots remain natural shade.