First of all, decide for what purpose you need the alias. If games over the network, will fit almost any set of numbers and letters, because the identity of the player in this case is not so important. If for communication on the forum, the more professional or dedicated, or signing a serious analytical work, you will need an alias that characterizes you from a certain direction.
Pofantaziruyte, allowing the thoughts to fly in free flight, and bring forth the most unexpected Association. Favorite characters, character names, books, abstract and, at first glance, meaningless names – make a list of all possible aliases that came to mind.
Create your own abstract image. Imagine yourself mentally. Think about what you want to look in the eyes of other people.
Try to "try on" aliases " from the list on your mental image. Discard those that do not fit or distort the way you see yourself.
With the goal of choosing an alias you define if you common (and probably someone has already used) the names of fairy tale characters, or other famous literary characters. Think not cause if they prejudice among other members of the community for which you choose a pseudonym.
Of the remaining from the successive drop-out of aliases choose one, the one that most accurately reflects your character. Any other names, write down on a separate leaf and put it under the keyboard – quite likely, you will look.