You will need
  • paper, eraser, pencil and a marker.
Think about which letters you would like to see in your tag. Remember, the tag should not be too large, the smaller letters, the inscription looks prettier. Usually it's 3-4 simple letters (a, o, e, c, r, t, s, g, h, k, l). The letters can be completely different. It may be the initial letters of your name or some other abbreviation that for you is essential.
Draw the letters of the tag on the paper. Decorate letters written various takaratomy, quotation marks, exclamation and question marks, commas, arrows, curved and straight lines, faces, smiles, etc. Change the letters in some places, replace one letter with another, experiment, create, dorisovyvat, wash, parisvisite, improvise as long as the tag will look beautiful and will appeal to you personally.
Draw is ready, the resulting tag on paper with a marker. Try to draw your tag in the yard with crayons or marker. You should be able to write a quick tag with a marker.
Remember each time drawing a tag, you can add some new elements, making the label even more beautiful, individual and unique.